Chicago Blackhawks: Dale Weise Needs To Let It Go

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Dale Weise has spoken out against his former employer, the Chicago Blackhawks

Former Chicago Blackhawks Jersey forward Dale Weise is at it again. Weise has been very frank about his time with the Blackhawks, and not in a good way.

Weise cited his lack of playing time Chicago production target was injured. Weise had 14 goals with the Montreal Canadiens before joining the Blackhawks.

“He had 14 goals in mid-February,” he said. “Going to Chicago was a disaster because I played five minutes per night. [Actually, it was just under 10 minutes, which is still an insignificant average.] It’s pretty hard to do anything when playing so little. It was an experience new to me. “From
He’s right; his time in Chicago was a disaster. Weise does not mention that he was playing first-line minutes in Montreal and played third and fourth line minutes in Chicago.

He was added along with Tomas Fleischmann and was supposed to add depth to score the third line with Teuvo Teräväinen. As we all know, the experiment failed and both players did not enjoy success in Chicago. Both Weise and Fleischmann were relegated to be part-time players.

Weise had an assist in 15 games averaging 9:57 of ice time per night. In the playoffs, he appeared in four of the Chicago Blackhawks in seven games against the Blues. He played less often in the playoffs, averaging only 8:24 and scoring a goal.

But the future is not so bad Weise

Weise still used their game in Montreal and Chicago in a four-year, $ 9.4 million deal with the Philadelphia Flyers. So its time in Chicago was not so bad.

Weise is not the first player to believe and state that was underused in Chicago. Trevor Daley was very frank about the way it was used in Chicago. Daley would declare in an interview that he believed he had more to give than was being allowed to do so.

“You went from a situation in Dallas, where he was getting a lot of minutes and playing in situations that suddenly do not get [in Chicago], and for me to say that I have not lost confidence’ve lost a lot of confidence” 32 years old, defense, this week said over the phone from Pittsburgh, where he has rediscovered confidence. of
Daley and Weise were just bad settings for the Chicago Blackhawks, and their playing time are reflected. panarin jersey. Both players have now found the most suitable equipment for your style of play.

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Weise should be grateful got a contract with ruffles. His former teammate Fleischmann team is still without an NHL job, and he performed better on their way through Blackhawks. Fleischmann had a goal and four assists in 19 games with the Blackhawks.

It’s over now, Weise. Let it go!


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