Chicago Blackhawks Morning Links- Duncan To Go

Duncan Keith Jersey

Good Morning Chicago Blackhawks fan! Big news, Duncan Keith a few weeks ago the World Cup of Hockey was missing, and yesterday’s news # 2 season has come out that may not be in the lineup kicks off on October 12, .

Expression of the Chicago Blackhawks to win the Stanley Cup, when they throw away their young stud just there, and have been quite simple for most people, score the opponent they are out.

The real secret to the championship of the Chicago Blackhawks run has become with their defense, and when we say the defense, has four large defense in order to record a ton of minutes.

The past 10 years, four of the leader has been Duncan Keith, and yesterday’s news, he came out that there is a possibility that is not ready to roll back to the night of the opening.

Keith is when I went a defense for it’s hog the minute he is at first glance a 30-minute night, his greatness is, really shows penetration of the playoff of the 2015 Stanley Cup, scored the winning goal in the game # 6 of the Stanley Cup Final directly below

Keith has also won the trophy of the Conn Smythe that year. You also, he is throwing the best of his two trophies of Norris’s defense won the NHL, and everyone is not who was really know either about it supposed to be serious. You can become nervous that you did not talk about this injury.

Although Hawks strong season begins, that after that could be a disaster for all of the young people and the Chicago Blackhawks of chance, but this season will be the addition of Brian Campbell and Michal Kemp knee and their defense , Duncan Keith for a while, will be played at the bottom 6 If you are not ready to go.

Keith will be well soon, Hawks are with as soon as possible need you.

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